Monday, August 21, 2006


Introduction & Purpose

Sustaining a dialogue between the leadership of the Minnesota State Student Association (MSSA) and the student body has been a desire of MSSA leaders and students of the past. It seems that providing communication opportunities outside the senate chambers and sit-down forums serves as a practical approach to reaching our ever-extending student body.
From time to time, I will share my thoughts on campus issues and events. I’d like to point out that only official resolutions of the MSSA represent the student body and not the opinion of an individual representative. This is a chance to exchange ideas with fellow Mavericks and enhance student involvement on our campus. Take advantage, but do not abuse this opportunity. At best, this blog will function as a pipeline between students or at worst, end up as a brief experiment on the information superhighway. Talk to you soon!

Gabe Afolayan
President, Minnesota State Student Association

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


sample entry

this is the first of many entries. Look for more to come soon.

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